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Monday, January 17, 2011

Rainy Day.

Well it is pretty sad around here today our beloved Cat Sable, of 13 years had to be put to sleep,  so The Black is appropriate.  It is also going to rain all day today, which is also appropriate .  I made this necklace for my Re-Style project, out of a pearl necklace that had been broken.  I will show you how I did it on my next  post. Have a wonderful day everyone. Rest in peace my precious cat.

My Baggy, Comfy, Cut up  Jeans.

Necklace I made.

Jacket- Express,     White shirt - Macy's $10.00 ,   Jeans -Target.

Charlotte Russe $29.00                                        Rack Room $19.00


  1. hi! i love the white shirt because it is to use with everything! and the price is sooo cool!
    kisses from argentina!

  2. Sorry to hear about Sable. I hope our cat Moses the Junior Steamboat has a long, full life like Sable.

  3. Love the outfit, but hate to hear about your kitty=( Coming from a mom to a 15 yr old doggie, I can't imagine what your going through...Take care.


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