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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Mini Re-style

 Ok everyone, I am doing a little experiment with  the leftovers from the Re-Style that I am posting on Monday.  I hope all of  you tried to make the  
Easy, Peasy Scarf.    
This mini Re-Style is a necklace made out of one of the sleeves of something that I am Re-styling. I really liked how it turned out.  The color version is not good because the article of clothing that I used is red, and RED just did not look good on film. It was too much of a good color screaming at me . I converted the color to black and white. The material is sweatshirt,  and it does not stretch like the tee shirt material, but  I stretched it a little anyway to make it look worn. I made one out of a tee shirt sleeve as well. Lets give this necklace a name shall we.  Lets call this necklace the Stringy Necklace.   Ok,  here are the instructions. 
Have fun..

Stringy Necklace

Cut your sleeve

Find the seam and cut towards it..  This will make the seam the back of the necklace.

Like so

Stretch out your pieces and your done.

Here is the tee shirt one.  Two different looks.
 Happy Sunday Everyone.! Hope to see you on Monday.


  1. YEA I knew you had this some where lol..
    I'm gonna try this one :)

  2. YEA, lol I did a red one ,and a brown one :)
    Thanks Anne

  3. Hi, it's my first time to visit your blog. Your blog looks very nice!♥


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