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Thursday, January 27, 2011

100 Words on Life

I feel like in the last 2 months I have lived a life time.  I have experienced every emotion that I believe can be possible, from deep Sadness to Extreme and Pure Joy.  That is why I was so excited when Jenna of Lust, Love, Lose asked me and some other Blogger's to take part in 100 Words on Life.  Check out the her first Post HERE.   It is a great way to connect with others,  and to know that all of us are searching for same thing,  complete and total acceptance and Love.  Without Love we are Lost.  I Believe the greatest thing is the ability to love our(unique) selves, warts and all and to accept love from others. 

Blogs are kind of like Style.   Everyone has there own , and each one is unique and different.  I thank God   for the ability to view all the wonderfulness  I see each day in life and on different blogs.   All beautiful, all one of a kind, always uplifting, Always Positive.  
So Here are my
100 words on Life.

As Long as I have Lip Gloss, I can go Anywhere.
No Matter how Bad it Seems, it Could Always be Worse.
A Great Pair of Shoes can Almost make Every Woman Smile.
If you Always Tell the Truth, you will Never Have to Lie. 
Class is something that you Have, not your Social Status.
Treat People the way You want to be Treated. 
Press Your Clothes, Lazy Never Looks Good.
Never take Yourself too Seriously. 
No one Likes a Debbie Downer.
Dress for You.
Be Nice.
And A Smile is the Best Accessory.


  1. aw this is wonderful! and I love how it made a heart =) a smile really IS the best accessory =)

    Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

  2. Thanks Jenn, for all your wonderful comments and support Big Hug.

  3. bravo Anne. superb insight and attitude all wrapped together (in your exceptionally stylish way). In the words of John Lennon, love is all you need.

  4. Great words, Anne! They really sound like they can be on an inspirational poster (and I don't mean that in a cheesy way). You did like the "Debbie Downer" skit from SNL, right?

    Make lemon meringue pie when life gives you lemons, I say. Ooh, or a lemondrop. And, I don't mean the candy kind.

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  5. This is so beautiful. Your words are so sweet and well chosen like your beautiful style.


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