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Friday, January 7, 2011

Casual Friday.

I was Called into work this morning and the greatest thing is,... we get to wear JEANS, but White shirt required. So ..

I'm Thinking RED!

$14.00  Army-Navy Store Wool Coat.

Scarf I made this morning.


  1. Fabulous scarf, thanks for sharing how you made it. :) and I agree with you- go for the red shoes!

  2. Anne, just couldn't resist featuring your cute scarf on my blog. Hope that is ok with you - I linked back to the original post. Totally fabulous. :) Thanks, Diane

  3. Love it! Yep, my vote is red! Love the scarf too! Awesome!

  4. super cute! I like the red too. At my work we can wear jeans on Friday too. It's the best day :)


  5. I love the red shoes too. I love seeing the outfits you put together. I wear my belt like that too. I thought it was just an English thing but obviously not!


  6. Omgosh, Love the belt, where did you find it, that would so go great with the mans dress blouse i have :D


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