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Friday, January 7, 2011

Question of the Moment!

I had a great question about Conditioning Winter Hair and here it is.
Hey Anne,
I always enjoy your blogs, just wondering if you have any hints on deep conditioning winter hair?!
Well I have to say I have tried almost every kind of conditioner within reason and that I could afford.  Conditioner for Blond hair, long hair,  you name it,  I have tried it.  Every girl wants Soft, Shiny, Healthy looking hair.  Shiny Hair makes you look younger and lets face it, it is  the first thing we see when we look in the mirror.  I do anyway!  A good Hair style, attached with healthy shiny hair is the BEST THING EVER.  So here are my picks for great deep conditioning, not just for Winter, but for year round.

I know this says masque, but I use it everyday as a Conditioner.  I don't use  a lot, just a little, unless I feel extra dry then put a little more on and  I leave it on for about 5 minutes. Rinse really well!   Most of time I leave it on for about 2 minutes or just long enough to shave my legs.

This is my second favorite or a close tie with the first conditioner.  If you ask me it's the same stuff  just packaged differently.

My Son uses this because his scalp gets really itchy in the winter and he has really thick hair.  It has been the only thing that has worked for him.

My Hair Stylist got me hooked on this.

Silk Therapy
  • ideal for all hair types
  • leave in replenishing & reconstructing treatment
  • bonds & strengthens the hair inside & outside
  • fills any voids on cuticle layer
  • repairs split ends
  • protects (Heat, UV, cold, pollution)
  • incredible shine
  • no build up, no weight
  • fantastic for skin care

Now this is pretty expensive,  5 oz runs between $20.00 and $25.00 dollars but it last a long time. This wonderful concoction  is worth its weight in GOLD.. You only need a little 1/2 dime size amount, especially if your hair tends to be oily and is fine in texture.    You can put this on your hair when it is wet, or on the ends after you dry it. I never put this on my scalp or too close to my scalp, just on the ends.  I try not to use to much, because it will be greasy if you do.   Remember 1/2 of a dime is all you need. I have seen this now being sold at Publix, where the hair products are.

So there is my pick for the best conditioners.  I hope that helps a little. If you try any of these please keep me posted on how you liked them and if they worked for you.  
I love my followers. Thanks so much for reading Have a SUPER weekend and keep the great questions coming.


  1. I guess there is no "one, ultimate product" since every hair and every scalp is different and changes as well.

    Pantene used to work for me but it contains so many silicones that my hair was dryed-out and dull after some month. I`m not using it anymore.

    Head & Shoulders also worked in the beginning but after some month the daindruff got so bad that I have to use a medical shampoo on the scalp now...

    What works miracles on my blonde hair is the "Redken Blonde Glam" line. It`s a professional (& expensive) line but it leaves the hair ultra-soft and super shiny.

  2. Redken was also good. I did use the shampoo but for some reason the conditioner did nothing for me.. But you are right all hair is different you sometimes have to kiss a lot of toads to get to the right one for you. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing these. My hair gets dry easily. I could use these.

  4. I just bought some of this biosilk on clearance at the walmart hair salon! Can't wait to try it, I have been using the Chi brand one.

  5. I have the Chi one too, but Biosilk I always go back to. Let us know how you like it!


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