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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday With Sailor Sam. The Crazy Week

I hope all of you have had a wonderful week.

Let's all go see what Sam has been up to.

 Monday, while we were walking outside, we found these beautiful Amaryllis. 
 Sailor Sam just had to have his picture taken with them.

 Tuesday, Sailor Sam was caught drinking all of my coke!
 "Sailor Sam!."

 Wednesday, we met some of Sailor Sam's other Lego Friends.
  Nurse Naomi, Darcy the London Guard, Max and his bear Pooky, and Dr Pepper.
They stood around for hours, just talking shop!

Thursday, Sailor Sam was listening to a little Guns and Roses on the way to the doctor.

When we got to the Doctor,  Nurse Naomi told Sailor Sam he had to get a vaccine.
 Sam was really tough and he didn't cry.

  When we  returned home, I gave Sailor Sam a Doughnut to make him feel better.

and  he also drank a glass of Florida's Natural orange juice, which made me feel better.

 Friday, I took Sailor Sam to the beach and I let him surf.
 "Look Sailor Sam a Sea Turtle!!"
 Hang Ten Sailor Sam!

 He had Such a great Day.

 Saturday, Sailor Sam asked me if  his friend Max, could Spend the night.
 "Sure, Sailor Sam." I told him.

 They ate lots of junk food, like Twizzlers

 And M&M's.

They watched,  Star Wars with Pooky.

A little later, when I  came in to check on them, I discovered that they had fallen fast asleep. 
" Good Night Sailor Sam, Max and Pooky." I wispered.
"See you in the morning."

Lots of <3,


  1. Beautiful flower shot at the beginning!

  2. Hi Ann!

    I'm back from being MIA! This was such a cute post!! I love it! I have this traveling mascot (a teddy bear) that I bring with me everytime I go on a trip and I take pictures of him in exotic places. LOL
    Hope all is well!


  3. hahahahahahhahahahha, omigosh this post made me smile mega watts. I love the adventures of Sailor Sam and where the hell did all his friends come from!?!? LOVE!


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