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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Into The Wild

Sweatshirt made by me HERE, 
Leather skirt~ Express, Tank top~ Target, Shoes~ Charlotte Russe
Leather Clutch made by me HERE

I was on Skype with my beautiful Hannah this morning, as I was putting this post together.  The first title that popped int my head  was, Into the Wild, but thought  "ohhh  nahhh."
 then I asked Hannah what I should call it. 
She Said " What about, Into the Wild." I just laughed and typed in the title. 
Our minds are pretty connected, even 4000 miles away.
This is just one of the ways I would wear my new sweatshirt.
I hope you all  have a fantastic Tuesday.
Lots of <3m,


  1. With great pleasure I have decided to give you a blog award,the BLOG AWARD BACKLOG ! check on my blog :


    a big hug by La Makeupposa ;-)

  2. Haha! Love that you guys had the same idea. :)

  3. That skirt is amazing, I love the details.

  4. Skype is so handy isn't it - life was a LOT different when I lived abroad 8 years ago! Now it's like i'm in the same room as my family even when I'm skyping from my iphone!

    And great title, great outfit :)

    Sadie xx

    1. I love Skype!! I would be so miserable with out it. I <3 you Sadie!!!

  5. You look GORGEOUS!! I looove this top. You have such a fab, creative mind with clothes. I am always super-impressed!!

    I have my eye on your skirt too - yummy!


  6. Hi Wobisobi,

    You have inspired me. I am the same way --- fascinated by your creation and your creative mind set. What an inspiration to others.

    I am sure I will follow your blog and tutorials to do more.




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