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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday with Sailor Sam. Healthy Eating.

Sailor Sam is coming around to eating healthier.
Let''s go see what he has been up to this week.

Monday, Sailor Sam asked Max
 " Hey Max, how does this chain looked on me?"

 Max answered,
" Ummmm, Sailor Sam, I don't want to hurt your feeling's,
 but it's not really you."

 "Yeah, Sailor Sam, that is a much better accessory!"
"Why don't you give the necklace to Ava? " Max suggested.
"Great Idea." Sam Said.

 Sam Gave the Necklace to Ava,
  and she was so excited.
"Thanks Sailor Sam." Ava Said.

"How do I look Boys?" Ava Asked
"Great!", They Replied.

Tuesday, Sam was introduced to Broccoli
" Yes, Sailor Sam, you have to try it.  You never know you might like it."
And Guess what? 
He did like it.

Wednesday, Sailor Sam shared his news of loving vegetables with some girls at work.
 They both told him that they loved a Sailor who ate healthy.

Thursday Sailor Sam shared his new love of eating Healthy with Max. 
"If you eat your Vegetables Max, The Girls will like you."
"Wow!" Max Said, "That's Awesome!"

Later that day, I caught Sailor Sam planking on my New Nail Polish.

 Friday, we had a great lunch with all kinds of healthy goodies.

" Come on Sam!  Don't play with your food." 
Although, I think he looks pretty cute.

Again, with the Planking Sailor Sam.
"You Like It!" He told me.
I smiled and Said 
"Yes Sam, I do."

 Saturday, Sailor Sam showed Max how strong he was because he has been eating healthier.
" I feel great Max!" Sam Said.
"WOW Sam.!  I am going to start eating healthier too."

He also Showed Max all of the many ways you can use Mod Podge.
"Cool." Max Said

 Later that night Sailor Sam read Max some Stories. 
" Aren't you Glad you eat healthier Sailor Sam?"
"Yes Max." He answered. 
 "But that Doughnut sure looks Tasty!"

Have a wonderful Sunday night everyone.

Lots of <3,

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