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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sparkle Your Shirt. DIY

Put a little Sparkle on a plain top. 
Well, because don't you love just a little glimmer. 
So easy to do with some help from Plaid Iron on Sequins. 
Seriously, I did this in 5 minutes.
 I purchased this top from Charlotte  Russe for $10.00, on sale,
and dressed it up with a little Sequin trim from Plaid.
Why I have never seen this amazing product before, is beyond me. 
Talk about easy.
Plus Plaid.com has such a great site for ideas, crafting and tutorials. 
I was on there for hours, getting great ideas for Spring.

Now  let's  sparkle something.

Things you need

  1. Iron On Sequins From Plaid
  2. Shirt,  you want to spice up.
  3. Iron

  1. Set your iron on low~ without steam~ or better yet empty the water out of your iron. 
  2. Figure out what you what to trim with the sequins.  
  3. I laid the the sequins down , and ironed in 3 inch sections, all the way around the collar.

 A super easy and fast way to spice a shirt.
Now what to wear it with.  

These  Fantastic, Iron on sequins can be found on Plaid.com, 
along with lots of other fun stuff to craft with.

In fact, Plaid has sent me lots of things to try for the first time, 
so I hope you come back to see what I create.
Have a wonderful Tuesday!
Lots of <3


  1. Very nice! I think it would look great over a bikini with some cute flip flops...I'm still in vacation mode ;)

    1. Welcome home!!! it would be great with flip flops and a bikini.:)


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