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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday with Sailor Sam: Sailor Sam Meets a New Friend.

  Monday, Sailor Sam and I started off the week right , by eating  yummy Strawberries.

Later that day,  I caught Sailor Sam Planking on the water bottle.
Silly Sam.

 Tuesday, Sailor Sam helped me line up some shots for a photo session.

 Wednesday, Sailor Sam met a new friend.  His name is Danny the Dragon.
At first Sailor Sam was a little scared.

  But when Danny the Dragon took off his mask, he was just like Sailor Sam.
"See Sailor Sam," Danny said, " I'm not Scary at all.  You wanna play?"
"Sure!" Sam said.

 After that, they decided to change hats.

 Sailor Sam then decided to introduce Danny the dragon to Ava and Eddie.
"Ava and Eddie, I would like you to meet my new friend, Danny the Dragon" 
"Nice to meet you Danny" they both said.

 Then, they  decided to change hats, and laughed for hours.
After a long day of playing, they all had to go home for supper.

 Thursday, Sailor Sam Asked if  I could get him some Lemon Pound Cake. 
 "Of Course Sailor Sam.  Lemon Pound Cake is one one my favorites. "  I told him.

 Friday, Danny the Dragon came back over to play.  
Sailor Sam showed him how to plank on a bottle of nail polish. 
" WOW, Sailor Sam, that is awesome!." Danny Said.

 Saturday,  As I was cooking dinner, 
Sailor Sam told me that we would be going to New York one day soon.
Sailor Sam has such a great imagination.

 He also said "Paris, in in our future very soon as well."
Wow Sam!!, that  would be  incredible.

Saturday night, before bed, Sailor Sam  asked if we could play Lego, Harry Potter.
 I said "Absolutely Sam, that game is so much fun.."
So we ended our busy week with a fun game and then Sailor Sam fell fast a sleep.
"Night Night, Sailor Sam.
Sweet Dreams."


  1. So glad Sam has a new friend!

  2. Is that leggo planking on that nail polish? I'm dying over here. That's hilarious.


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