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Monday, August 27, 2012

Rhinestone and Skull Bracelet, DIY

I know all of you have seen skull bracelets everywhere. 
I am no different than everyone else,
  I love them too.

Things You Need
  1. Pliers 
  2. Rhinestone chain
  3. 4 Jump rings~ 2 large, 2 small
  4. Findings
  5. Eye pin
  6. 2 Spacer beads
  7. Skull bead~ HERE
  8. Clasp

Take your eye pin, put on your spacer bead,
 then your skull, 
then another spacer bead .

With your pliers, cut off excess eye pin 
and make into a circle

measure and cut your Chain 5 3/4inches for one,
 and two pieces at 2 1/3inches
#4 Attach your  findings to each end of the rhinestones.

#5 Attach your rhinestone to your jump rings two large jump rings  to  the ends,
the small ones to the skull bead

 #6 Add your Clasp

Now wear it.
Have a beautiful night.
Lots of <3,


  1. Followed a link my neice pinned on Pintrest with your re-styled t-shirt shrug, which is GREAT! I love the restyle idea. I like to sew but do more quilt making. I will try the shrug.

  2. Really love the look of rhinestones with skulls and especially that this bracelet has two strands. I posted the top photo on my blog with a link back to you (of course). I appreciate how detailed this tutorial is and know my readers will too.


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