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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Good morning Everyone!
I  just wanted to do  a quick clothes post before I dash into work. This dress is one of my Re-style Projects, and  I acquired this awesome striped bag from Bath and Body works.  Why put blue and green together with hot pink?, I guess because I was daring enough to buy this straw fedora hat, and actually  wear it. 
Hat's make you do crazy things I think.

Necklace I made here
Dress here


  1. Good morning Anne!
    Wow, impressive!
    The image as a whole is awesome!
    Definitely +1 for you!

  2. :) You look so cute in a hat Anne...

  3. Thank you so much Mr. Lion:) what a wonderful complement.

  4. Long time no bloggity blog! You look fantastic! I love the dress! That belt is awesome! I hope you decided to skip work and head to the beach. Okay, I won't promote playing hookie. I hope you had a picnic for lunch!
    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  5. Adore the Fedora (I just got one in white)......love love how you styled the pink dress! I say great look for work !

  6. What a fantastic look! I love the dress that you made, and i think that green looks great with pink.

  7. Great look! I hear you on hats! I've bought a black fedora and wore it once! (I'll do that again and post pics for sure)! Kisses dear Anne!

  8. Great outfit, and yes hats do make you do crazy things, ahahahah :)

    Sadie x
    ~Giveaway on my blog!~

  9. If the hat thing is true, then you're best dressed mad-hatter I've ever seen! Hahaha! xoxo


  10. Oh I love the hot pink dress with the bright green bag! such a fun outfit! You are super cute in the hat, friend.


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