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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jewelry du jour.

Happy Wednesday all!
Sorry I have been so scarce.  I miss you guys!!  Fashion class this week has been so wonderful. I have 7 for the week and I have heard that some of my students have signed up for the entire month, which makes me very happy. I  am so lucky. They are the best group of young people, so creative and full of talent. I am happily off of work, from my other job for 3 whole days,  so Mrs. WobiSobi will get a little attention again. I have missed her.!!
Pictures from the class are coming this evening , but for now I will post the jewelry of the day.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! 
Talk to you soon..

 In care of Charlotte Russe


  1. sounds like you are really busy and getting things on the move. i'm loving the jewellery.

  2. I love your accessories, the bracelets are so so cute.

  3. Those are Fantastic Anne :)


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