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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Feather Hair Clip

I did this fun DIY for a guest post, about a month ago. I just thought that  I  would  re-post it here.  
Feather, Hair clips. 
This is a really easy and a very inexpensive DYI. 
Have a super Saturday!!
I am hoping to have some great pictures for you, from our adventure this weekend. 
And as my Sister would say,


Things You Need

I also used a old Rhinestone pin, that was broken,
and a Glue Gun.

 Cut your ribbon twice the length of your clip and fold it in half.

then cut it in a shape like this.
 Slip it over the clip and hot glue it together.

I hot glued my feathers on to the clip to make a fan like shape.

I then hot glued the pin to the bottom of the clip, and trimmed the feathers to be even.

And that is it, cute, easy, feather clips for your hair.. 

Have a wonderful Day Everyone!!



  1. Very Cute! Checking up on ya from Hannah Handmade!

  2. I Love this :) I made a mini one :),and added beads...

  3. Absolutely ADORABLE! It looks gorgeous and I am loving your nail polish! I hope all is well! I haven't been around much but wanted to check in with you! Have a great weekend!! Cheers! Cyndy

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Very cute! Short of ambushing a bird or ripping open down pillows, I'm not too sure where to find feathers. I must carve some time from my shopping schedule to pay the craft store a visit! So what's the expensive part of this DIY? Happy Saturday! xox


  6. very cute. Kind of like the 20's flapper style!

  7. Looks like feathers from an ostrich feather duster, clever sourcing. I like the softness. Is there any way to color them and leave them soft?


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