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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fashion Class Week # 2: Mid- week

Here are some of the awesome pieces  this class has created this week.  We are not quite finished.    What an extremely talented group of young Ladies and Gentlemen.  I feel so honored to be able to be  with them.

 Ashanti re- did her shirt with lace
and is working on her jean re-style.

 Ashanti's beautiful  Feather earrings.

 Maggie made some awesome  feather earrings too and leather flowers

 Maggie's Flower

 Julian made this really cool leather, cuff bracelet, and also a necklace that turned out amazing..

 Miranda and Amber are making a shirt that they designed.
 Check out the drawing Amber did, fantastic!!

 Kayla made this wonderful vest out of a T-shirt.  We are all  in the process of dying all of the shirts and embellishing them.

Our Glue gun Station!:)  Looks like my dinning room table home.
Vela is also in the class and is  making a remarkable  shirt dress she designed, so much Talent. I can not believe I have no pictures of it.. I will get some shots of it tomorrow for sure.
That  is all  I have for now.
Have a wonderful Wednesday night!!


  1. Awesome......talented group you are inspiring!

  2. oooooooooooh tell the young ladies i love all there stuff :)

  3. Very cute! Way to go kids!!!

  4. AHHHHH your girls are taking after you already! so awesome that you're getting to teach them how to make so many amazing things! <3 I wish I had access to a fashion class (with you!) when I was younger!

  5. Stop it t-shirt vest!!!! I want to do that. I kinda wish I could take your class, lol. Love you!


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