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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fashion Class, Week#3

Hello all!!
This weeks class was fantastic, and they keep amazing me with their ideas. Thank you so much, Ashanti, Brianna, Brandi, Shelbi, Jordan, and Jessie  for being such wonderful young people. You all constantly opened my eyes to new and awe inspiring things. I am so very happy that I was able to meet you.
So that is  enough with the talk,
let me just show you what  fantastic things they created.

 Left to Right.   Brianna, Ashanti, Jessie, Jordan, Shelbi and Brandi.





And this is all of the leather Clutches and Phone cases that they did.
Didn't they do a beautiful job..?
I hope everyone in my Classes has a wonderful end to their summer.
Drop me an E-mail and let me know how you are doing..
Many Hugs!!!


  1. Oh I Love them all
    SUPER Job :)
    Anne ya got some talent there in the girls :)

  2. I would have felt like I had died and gone to heaven if I could have participated in something like that growing up. I think I'd still feel that way.

  3. STOP IT!!! I LOVE Ashanit's tee shirt transformation and the lace details and the braided back on Jessie's tee...you've done such a great job with them!

  4. I love how your sharing everything your fashion class is doing. They are creating such wonderful items. I love the red tank that Jessie did and the tie dye on if awesome too:>


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