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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cup of Bling

I know all of you have been seeing these cute DIY bracelets that have been popping up everywhere. Via  Honestly WTF and I Spy DIY.
H and I made few few last week,  and experimented with different materials ,  here are just a few we came up with.

 Above are  just a few of the materials  I experimented with.
Then I followed these instructions from Honestly WTF, HERE.
The possibilities are endless.
Have Fun,
 and have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Saw that DIY... and just trying to find the time to do it. Yours looks great!


  2. ok, i recently bought a friendship bracelet kit, and forgot how long they take to make! these look like they might be a bit faster! will be checking this out!

  3. Wow i looove these!! especially baby bling, sooo cute!! <3

    Sadie x

  4. WOW LOVE the bracelets and wow they seem so simple thanks for the photos and links I absolutely intend to make some for myself- thanks

  5. Gawsh, I don't know how you do it all. I've seen these guys around and I wanted to try but have not found the time :(

  6. Oh wow...I love those! I must find time to try my hand at making some. :o)

  7. They look so stylish!! I'll check them out, thanks!! Kisses

  8. These are all SO cute! You've got quite an arm party going there, lady ;-)

  9. Thanks for the links.....these are so cool!

  10. These look do cute and dimple to make. I love your edgy. Style;)

  11. Can't believe: I have a teacup exactly the same the one in your pics! It's from my grandma.


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