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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Project Re-style #28 White Tee into a boat neck shirt

Ok so technically, it is not 12:00am in California, SOOOOO I am thinking I still have my project in by Monday.
 Hey everyone.  Welcome to Project Re-Style # 28.
 as always all the information  for Project Re-style will be at the end of this post.

There was a shirt that I saw on Ava Gardner, in the1953 movie, Mogambo .  I looked for a picture, but I could find nothing. She had on an off the shoulder, white shirt, and it just screamed summer.  This is a T-shirt version of Ava's shirt, made out of a white hanes T-shirt.
Things you need 
1. White t-shirt
2.Sewing machine
3. Straight pins
4. Chalk
5. Scissors

1 Try on your shirt and see where you want to cut the collar,  then cut the collar.
2. turn your t-shirt inside out and lay it down , go and get your favorite tee that fits you perfect.
lay that on your shirt and mark.
3. Sew where you marked.
4.Turn shirt right side out and try on
5. If all looks well, trim off the excess material.

Take your collar from the bottom part that  you cut off and put the right side of the collar to the wrong side of the shirt.
Sew and iron.
and with that, you are all done.
See.... so easy.

 I LOVE how it turned out.

28 down 24 to go
click on the picture 
for all the details about Project Re-Style

 and Now ....

this is what I am going to do..:)
Night Everyone.
 Sleep well.

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  1. You always have the best instructions. This looks fantastic!!!

  2. How cute. I wish I could wear off the shoulder things. And I'm definitely going to get a T shirt and play around. I also think I need a dress form. I'm not so good at trying to fit on myself.

  3. Looks cute! I can picture it with so many things. Great job~

  4. Love the collar! Don't know if I can sew well enough to do this, but its a great restyle.

  5. Loooooooooooooooove it.
    LOL You tired your poor cat out lol

  6. This is soooo cool and I'm itching to try it. However, just how big do you have to cut the collar away?

  7. I read it, and made it in just over an hour! It is adorable! Thank you for this re-style! Next time, I will need to make some adjustments...less off the collar, more off the bottom...minor, personalized stuff! Love it!

  8. Wow! your blog is amazing1
    thanks a lot for the good tutorials and best re style ever!!


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