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Monday, April 25, 2011

Boyfriend Jeans

I really love jeans that have that loose comfortable feel.  The kind you can dress up or down. These are said jeans. (my Boyfriend  jeans) The jeans I reach for when I need a little extra room or just want to lounge around and be lazy, but of course, I  love to dress them up and take them out too.

 Sweater, Jeans~ Target
Sandals ~Target, with a little face lift HERE
Tank~ I Re-Styled HERE
Orange skinny belt ~also Target


Tank ~Marshall's
Jacket~ Express
Same jeans as above photo
Shoes~ Nine West
Necklace~ I made HERE
Have a fantastic Night all!


  1. Anne you are so beautiful

  2. Both these looks are great on you! I don't do boyfriend jeans so well. Can't ever seem to get the right fit or length. But you've nailed it girly! Hugs! ~serene

  3. Love the outfit! Super Chic and adorable! many kisses!


  4. You look so great in your bf jeans!! I looove them too. In fact it is literally a challenge to not wear them everyday when the weather gets warmer. Also! It's kind of awesome to see your restyles in action!

  5. Very cool jeans, love the evening look. Have a great week~

  6. I wish I could work boyfriend jeans the way you do. You are so gorgeous. I love that you incorporated a lot of your restyles into this.

  7. Oooh, you're not holding your camera!! Did you set it on timer? I need to learn how to do that with my new camera!!

    I love those jeans on you. They look great - and especially gorgeous in the night time look.


  8. I love ti wear my bf jeans. And that second look is really sweet on you Anne.

  9. Everytime I come here I want to run to my closet!!!!

    Great job and I am LOVING the photos with the tripod!


  10. I love this outfit on you! Very chic and that blazer really adds "oomph" to it ; )


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