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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hello Hexy!

I found this perfect little rope( Drapery Cord) to make a necklace  and I used some of my smaller hex nuts  that I had left over. 
Hello Hexy! 
Super easy DIY. 
I love the  nautical feel of this, perfect for summer.

Things You Need

 First you put the hook on one of the back loops to  hook the two together.
Then you cut 4 pieces of cord~ 2@ 8 inches long and 2@ 6 inches long.
Add your hex nuts with knots in between. 
I Put Three hex nuts on both ends of the cord.
Then tie those to the rope. The two long ones in the middle and  The shorter ones on the outside.
Questions ? Please email me@
And you are all done.
The drapery Tie cost $1.97 the cord $1.97
and the hex nuts .99.

Have a Wonderful and Happy Easter Weekend.

From Me, With Lots of LOVE!
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  1. You're crazy!! In a nice way of course! Excellent necklace! Kisses

  2. Very industrial but elegant and beautiful!!!

  3. I think this may be my favorite project of yours! I love Nautical, and the white is so pretty!

  4. Your creativity just never rests!! This is such a cool idea and looks really cute on you! Hugs! ~Serene

  5. I love it! I would have never thought of that. It is very nautical.


  7. Perfect! I have summer almost throughout the whole year (I'm in Singapore, a small country somewhere in South East Asia), which means I can wear it whenever I want! ;)

  8. i love the nautical style and these cute necklace is perfect for that. :)

  9. The rope looks really cool :D..Love the way the necklace turned out!

    kisses xoxo


  10. Love it with the button down!!! Thanks for sharing. :)

  11. I'm here from Serenity Now. What a fresh idea. I love how this turned out. How in the world did you think of it? Nice going!

  12. OOh I love this - I love anything nautical the same as you :D

    I need to find me some nice rope!

    Sadie xx


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