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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Grey, Orange and White

I hope Everyone's Tuesday is going well. 
Over the next week or so I  have decided to add a short video at the end of every tutorial showing you the finished project. I think it will help you get a real feel for what was made. I would love your input on this.   Good or Bad?  I know I love to look at things via video and maybe eventually I will go to a few full video tutorials. (Maybe):)
Now for the clothes post
I love Grey with just about anything. Grey is a great neutral, and can balance colors nicely, and I just had to wear my bib necklace because it has been staring at me since I made it  saying, " Please Wear me...."

 Shirt and White jeans ~ Target
Vest ~ Charlotte Russe
Gold Sandals ~ American Eagle

 Leather Necklace~ I Made HERE
Have a wonderful Day!!


  1. The bib necklace loos really cute with that! I love gray too! It goes great with any skin tone also.

  2. The beautiful necklace catchs my eyes.Great neutral looks.

  3. Your necklace is so modern in it's design...love your whole ensemble!

  4. I'm with you! Grey is great with everything!!! ~Serene

  5. A perfect outfit for a spring day. your sandals are so cute.

  6. How cute, I love the vest. :)

  7. I really like this Anne!! I heart white jeans - you look great! The necklace is too awesome! Missed you - I'm finally back! :o)

  8. the background i was using ,something happened to there photobucket account so everyone that used it, ended up like that :(
    so i had to go in get another bg from another site and make my button,banner and welcome sign, then lol I had to do another friends blog over lol..
    Thanks I was thinking of adding the peace hand on a back pocket.OH i also did your bead necklace , the one with the 3 beads :) I did mine in black & silver :), when son gives me back my comp lol i will upload it :)

  9. OH, Dont forget about my blog giveaway :)

  10. Oh the necklace wears so gorgeous on you!!! Really really pretty. P.S re: Monday's re-style so I'm not comment stalking I thought I could combo-I love that your video posting now too. I like seeing your diys in life and in motion.

  11. Very cute and colourful! I like the whole look! Have a nice day dear!

  12. Cute outfit! I'm loving the leather necklace!

  13. The leather necklace looks good on you!


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