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Thursday, April 21, 2011

White and Purple

More crazy tripod Photos. I really don't want to look like a super model, I just want to show you the clothes I wear.  I can say ~ it is a bit freeing knowing you can get a full body shot with the three legged  helper.  With that said, White jeans have been one of my favorite things to wear this spring, be it dressy or casual, Nude flats or Sky high heels, I can not do without them. Definitely, My most favorite thing this season.

 Jeans, Shirt and Tank ~ Target
Shoes~ Nude Flats~ Marshall's
Necklace~ My DIY HERE


Shoes~ Charlotte Russe
Necklace~ Target~ two strands of pearls put together.

Weekend Approaching.:)


  1. ow owwww!!!!!!!!!!! Rock it! I want white pants now!!!! I have capris that are sooooo comfy and awesome.. but now I want pants too!

    i'm really short... do you think full length white skinny jeans will still work on me?

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. Anne, you always look so Beautiful :)

  3. I'm too messy (and pale) to wear white jeans, but you are rocking them!

  4. It's amazing how one look can change with just a little touch. I'm in love with your heels.
    And I have to say that I really enjoy your new photos. You look amazing, full frontal, whit the camera looking up to you.
    You did an amazing job Anne.

  5. so lovely! I could not wear white pants, I would get those so dirty!

    yay for the weekend!

  6. White pants are tricky and not always flattering! But you look great and feminine! kisses :)

  7. Very Cute! :D

    kisses xoxo


  8. Great lok, amazing. You have my philosophia ,too. I don't want to be a model, only show my daily outfits. Hugs, Yoana

    Great Look , amazing. You have my philosohie too: I don't want
    to be a model, only to show my daily outfit.
    Hugs, Yoana

  9. OMIGOSH I LOVE YOU!!! - I totally feel super mega silly too taking pics of myself!!! LOL, I'm not trying to be a model, lol. LOVE YOU Anne!

    You look GREAT! I just started wearing white jeans last spring and actually thru winter and I am a fan! BUT I can not forget my tide to go when I wear them b/c I'm accident prone. Ah grace...you totally escape all the time.

  10. ARGH!!!! I'm so jealous! Not only am I too stinking pale to wear them (people might mistake them for my naked legs, thinking I forgot to put on pants), but my bootay and thighs would look ridiculous :(

    Love both the day and night versions!


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