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Friday, April 1, 2011

Easy Feather Purse

This was a guest post over at Jen's super awesome  
Blog ,Social Salutations, HERE .
Just Re- Posting it on my blog.
Today,  I am going to show you how I made this, oh so fun, feather purse from a $5.00 feather duster, a  purse, and some hot glue.   Sound fun?   Well let's go do it. I did a little research first and found that the great, Jenni Radosevich of the I Spy DIY, Blog
did one,   also Keira from the awesome blog
A Pretty Penny,
did this cool feather clutch. 
First, I  purchased my very on feather duster for the grand total of $5.00, I already had a brown suede purse that I receive from E, my researcher.( Thank you E:) and I pulled out my trusty, Hot Glue Gun! (oh how I love that thing.).  This craft was really fun to me and.. super easy,  and all I  needed was some quite time with my favorite music and a little space to sort though my feathers.  

Well Lets get started.

Things you Need
1. Feather Duster, Or Feathers
2. Hot Glue Gun.
3. Some Velvet Ribbon or Something to go across the top of the purse to cover the quills.
4. Old Purse you want to Re-Style.
5. Good music to listen to and Patience.

I sorted my feathers by size.

 I worked in 2 inch sections, so I could take my time.  I also made sure to line up my feathers across the bottom to make them even.

I trimmed the top quills, and checked to see if any of feathers were loose and  needed to be glued down in different spots.

I used some leftover Suede I had to cover the quills, But a Pretty Velvet Ribbon would look awesome too.

And Taaa Daaaa!
All done!

So excited to wear this little baby out.
I told you I was Feather Obsessed!:) 

End Product Video:)

I Hope you all  have a Fantastic Day.


  1. OMG! You are killing me with this one. To die for! Want want want!!!! Of course I featured it!



  2. I would probably walk around petting my purse if it was all soft and feathery like this =) People might think I was crazy.. naming my purse Polly and offering it crackers....


    happy april fools and fridayyy!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. Oh Love it
    .Hello, I just found your blog :)

  4. Yay for more fun with feathers! Love it! :)

  5. Love it! I love everything you make. This summer, I think I want to "make stuff". Maybe I'll troll through your blog and find some stuff that I want to make!

  6. It's so cool to be featured, congratulations sweetie, you really deserve it.

  7. I love your feather necklace and bag. What about adding some to clothes, belt, heels, hair band. I'll be waiting for your new posts on these above suggestions ;)


  8. You come up with the cutest stuff. Love it!

    Jeanna @ dramaqueenseams.blogspot.com

  9. I love this purse! it looks easy and i might actually do it someday! thanks for sharing :)

  10. ooh, love this one! totally craving feathers right now! hmm, i think i have an old bag..now to find the feathers!



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