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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dress up your Rhinestones

Hello all of you gorgeous  people.  
First I just have to say THANK YOU so much for all the well wishes on our Anniversary.  All of you are so wonderful.  WE  had a fabulous night with family, eating, laughing and reminiscing  about High School days.  I promise I am putting together a post of the outfit I picked and some fun, candid shots we snapped throughout the night.( Hopefully By tomorrow.) I know I said I was on a mini Vacation from blogging BUT~ I Missed  you terribly~  so I wanted to post just a quick, easy DIY Re-style of a necklace I had.
  This DIY is super easy and it changes the feel of the necklace from cold stones to warm and lovely. I first saw this on the

Do you wanna know how to get this cool color?

I just  marked  the stones with the Sharpie, skipping   some stones, so they look random.  If you mess up, no worries,  just use some finger nail polish to take it off.
This is half finished.

~this is it~
all  the way finished.

Super easy and a fun way to change up your sparkle.
Thank you for letting me sneak a DIY in while I am suppose to be Chillaxing.   But you know what? 
To me, DYI is relaxing.
See you soon!
Lots of <3 


  1. What a quick and easy upgrade!! And it totally makes a huge impact! Thanks for the upcycle!

  2. Very cool.... Glad you had a great time... Looking forward to your pics!

  3. wow...i would have never thought of that...and will it always come off with the nail polish remover, if say- i changed my mind and wanted to do a different color?

  4. OH MY GOSH I looooooooooooooove them

  5. Love it! :D

    kisses xoxo


  6. Love it, and happy anniversary.


  7. I love it! Very nice warm tone... AnD, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!


  8. What (another) fab idea!! I'm just thinkibng what I could do this with now!!!

    The finished necklace looks brilliant!


  9. Your imagination hasn't limits! Really cute.
    have a good time:)

  10. Happy Anniversary to you! :) And oh my, that is so pretty! What an amazing idea! I never in a million years would have thought of this. :) It turned out SO beautifully!

    I hope you had a wonderful and restful weekend and that you have a good Monday!


  11. Very clever idea!! Awesome! Kisses :)

  12. Just found this from Pinterest! I love the warm tones. I wonder if I could make an alternate version in shades of blue too? Or maybe emerald and kelly greens? Oh the possibilities!!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I Think you could do whatever color you would like:) I think that other colors would look awesome.


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