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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Leather, Circle, Bib, Necklace.

Hey Everyone! 
I hope your Thursday was wonderful .  I was able to stay home today( Thank Goodness) and finish a necklace I have been working on. It is made from Leather scraps and  a chain I found. I added a bead at the point, just for some different texture. I really Love it! I have a couple of other ones I am going to share, plus a great DIY, that a friend of mine did. Hopefully I will be able to post that later tonight.

 Oooo, and did you notice I was able to get TWO new additions to my mannequin family. 
Now Mrs, Mannequin is not alone anymore.
Difficulty: Easy 
( just took a little more time than my other projects)

Things you Need.
1. Leather scraps, 
2. Scissors.
3.Circle Jump Rings
4. Chain 
5 Small Pliers 
6. Hot Glue Gun

1. I cut different size strips of leather and hot glued them to make circles. ( I made small and medium ones)
2. I placed them all  down on the table to get the shape I wanted.
3. Then I  connected the leather circles with jump rings. 
4.  I  added the chain to the back of the necklace with jump rings.
and your done!

End Product video:)

I am headed off to work on my next project!!
 Have a Fantastic Night!  


  1. Beautiful!! I feel like a stalker, I get so excited when you post something new. You have inspired me to create again!!!!

    Thank you Crystle

  2. Very interesting idea my dear! So cute! Have a nice Friday! (yeap - it's already Friday here!). Kisses

  3. STOP IT RIGHT NOW ANNE!!! I love this!!! Can't wait to see it on you! I totally have leather scraps around, I was going to make more tassel things, but this leather ring situation is gooooood!

  4. Ok that is AWESOME

  5. Love it!! You have given me soooo many ideas on how to repurpose all the old leather items that have been packed away. Can't wait to get my craft room all finished up so I have a place to start working. And I'm so jealous of your mannequin family :)

  6. Oh now this is freaking AWESOME! I'm loving it with the denim dress, I have several of those :P I will be hunting goodwill for some leather I can cut up lol. I would be delighted to have you link this to my VIP party this weekend =) http://designergarden.blogspot.com/2011/04/vip-party-10.html

  7. Great necklace! Also love your mannequins.

  8. that is such an awesome necklace! i love leather and you used it so creatively!! i hope you will come and check out my blog sometime! madisonavenue2011.blogspot.com

  9. This necklace is so amazing.. I've seen it all over the linky parties and I keep oohing and ahhing every time! =)

    Love the video! you should film your hands and supplies as you make your next craft/restyle/or jewelery!!! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  10. DANG THATS CUTE! Thanks for being my follower and I just wanted to let you know that I am doing a little giveaway over on my blog for two post cards and a silk handmade hairpin. Check it out! There are only like 3 entries so far, so you could have a good chance to wiN!

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