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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Surprise

Good Morning Everyone.  This was a complete and total surprise to me and WOW! I feel so very lucky.  Amie from Kitty Cats and Airplanes Spotlighted me on her Saturday Spotlight very last minute, what an honor
I will be gone all day today but will hopefully be able to post something tonight. Check out Amie's oh so wonderfully cute Blog
Thank you so much, Amie, for having me..
Just click HERE
Have a Very Wonderful Saturday!


  1. yay - congratulations for the recognition. You ARE so imaginative! Going over to check it out now :)

  2. Good afternoon!
    Thank you for coming by my blog and for being my first follower :) how sweet! I read your blog almost daily, and I just noticed that you are from Florida, also. What part? My email is a.johnston90@yahoo.com

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. Congratulations!
    You have so many people that feature you because you are really unique and amazing.


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