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Monday, April 18, 2011

Project Re-Style #16 DIY Tassels for Shoes

Welcome, Everyone, to my  Project Re-Style #16. 
WOW! 16 weeks of Re-Styling 16 old things, into something new.  If you are just now following me, I am so glad you are here.  I do a Re-Style project every Monday. I will put all the details of Project Re-Style at the end of this post. 
Ok~ without further adieu, lets get started.

This week, my Re-Style was a little different.  I remembered some shoes I saw on  the  runway this year that I could not get out of my head. When I saw them,  my head started to reel with ideas.  I am not really sure why a  single pair of shoes is able to take me to a far away place, hypnotized to a state of complete helplessness. I feel just like a child looking into a window full of candy, 
Deer in Headlights.

Christian Louboutin Tassel black Slingback,CL pumps

 I did this to a pair of my shoes.

Things You Need.
1. Tassels~ I made mine HERE.
instead of the key ring I replaced that with a piece of  leather cord. ~4 tassels total~
2. Hot glue gun
3.Heat Activated Crystals
4. Leather cord



The tassels are completely removable, if you want to take them off.
This, my friend is a very good thing,  because in about a month,
I will want something different.

That is it.

16 Down 36 to Go.

All the details about
Project Re-Style HERE!
Go Re-Style Something!


  1. What a great and easy enough project!!! Love seeing all your restyle projects! Keep up all those great ideas!!

  2. Great idea!! You are very creative dear! Have a nice new week!

  3. Very cute! Removable? Genius! I totally thought you wanted a pair of platform stilettos. I actually bought a couple of pairs recently, but nothing with a heel-to-toe ratio like that, I don't think! Those look too much off-balance. Not yours, the others. Too much of a slope it seems.

    Hope you had a fab weekend!
    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  4. This is a really good idea, and that the fact that it's removable makes it even cooler, because like this you have 2 in 1. Only one question: don't the tassels tickle you a bit when you walk?

  5. This is such an adorable idea! I think they look better than the originals. :) Have a great day!

  6. Those looks soooo cool! I've been wanting to do more shoe redos but been sooo busy!!

  7. You are officially the BOMB!!! This is such a great idea!!! Oh and I'm on a washer high right now....is there anything that those things can't be used on? Love it!! ~Serene

  8. Great idea!!! Here, you have a pair of heels with 2 different looks.


  9. Ooooh!!! "New" shoes!!!! Without spending a dime is even better! Haha! Have a happy Monday!


  10. Wow they look great :D


  11. rock

    I flipping love it! they look like a million bucks!!!! go anne!!!!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  12. Love this project! Your creativity continues to amaze and inspire me~

  13. Fantastic, I love that you can take it off!!!

    Nope not a new blog, just a reawakened blog! I have had it for years and forgot how awesome it is to go back and read things about myself and my family. I sent you an email about a week ago, maybe it didn't go through I sent it again today.

    Our children grow up way to fast!!!!

    Have a fantastic day!!

  14. Those shoes are SMOKIN' I have the same feeling when I look at gorgeous shoes. ME LIKEY!!

  15. Those are so cute! Do you think you'll run out things you already own to re-style.

  16. This is my favorite of you shoe refashions! This is amazing! Good job

    1. Thank you so much Kasey, I think these are one of my favorites too.

  17. Great idea!!! Here, you have a pair of heels with 2 different looks.
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