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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Wednesday already?, Wow the weeks are flying by.  A slight cool front wondered through our little town yesterday, dropping the temperatures into the 40's, and the high today, a beautiful 75 degrees.   I feel like I need to be on  Safari with this jacket, a big rifle in one hand, walking though the bush looking for Lions. I think I would pass on  these shoes though, lol,  maybe I would opt out for some cool knee high, flat boots, instead.
 Everything I have on is from Target,
except the jeans, they are American Eagle.

 Bracelets from E. :) Thank you so much!!!

 Shoes~ Limelight.

Necklace ~A super fabulous gift from E.


  1. great look & AWESOME pendant!

  2. love

    gorgeous! the look is perfection! and your earrings are awesome girl!!!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. Oh, I LOVE that jacket! It's perfect with that necklace. And the new neck tattoo is really fabulous. Ha!

  4. Love your sheer(?) floral purple ruffly blouse! Adjectives are great! (and great is an adjective!) Your shoes are pretty fab, too!

    Come check out my A-to-Z!

  5. I love your outfit! I've always wanted a "safari" jacket (very cool for the summer time) and I really like your top, beautiful colour! Cute earrings and necklace! kisses

  6. Fabulous necklace! Oh and I love your hair style!

  7. I love your hair style, so cute!
    I'm a big "safari" jacket fun, I have 3 different ones :).

  8. Adorable shoes...love the color. Sometimes safari can be a little too literal, but this jacket is great! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. The outfit is perfect: jacket+blouse+jeans....(shoes!)


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