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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday with Sailor Sam. A visit to the Easter Bunny

Happy Sunday everyone.  
Let's see what Sailor Sam has been up too this week.

Time to get up Sailor Sam.
Today is the day we go and see the Easter Bunny.
"I'm up I'm up!!"
 Sailor Sam wanted a little nilla wafer for breakfast.

Of course Sailor Sam had to Play in the trees when we got outside.
"Come on Sam, let's go."

 Once we got to the mall, Sailor Sam  just had to talk to all of the little characters,
 while we were waiting in line.

Here he is sitting on the worm's nose.

The Carrot's Tie

" Ok Sailor Sam, let's go, it is our turn!!!"
Silly Sam.

Finally the Easter Bunny.
Well, not Really,
Sailor Sam was Scared of the real Easter Bunny,
So we had to settle with this picture taken with one of the smaller bunnies.
"The Easter Bunny Scares Me." Sailor Sam said.
"It's ok Sam, no worries.  Let's go get a yummy drink from Starbucks instead." I told him.

And that is what we did.

 That night, I found Sailor Sam reading a story to Max and Pooky.

Then all of his friends came to listen.
They love it when Sailor Sam reads to them.
After a very long day, I tucked Sailor Sam into bed, and kissed him goodnight.
"Good night Sailor Sam, See you tomorrow"

I hope you all have had a wonderful Sunday.
Lot's of <3,

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