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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday with Sailor Sam: Keeping Busy.

Let's see what Sailor Sam has been up to this week.
Missing Audrey I am sure.

 On Monday, when I went  to wake up Sailor Sam  he seemed a little down.
"What's the matter Sailor Sam? "  I asked.
   "I Miss Audrey. " He said softly.
" When can I see her again?" He asked.
  "Soon"  was all I could say.
  " I know what we can do Sailor Sam. Let's write Audrey a letter.
 That should cheer you up."
 "OK" Sam said.
 Sam composed his first letter,
and we sent it to Audrey.
 It only took a few hours for her to respond.

Dear Sailor Sam - I miss you! Thanks for your sweet letter. I've been helping my friend, Sloane, plant a cabbage plant this evening for a contest at school. I really don't like digging in dirt though as it takes me forever to shake it out of my pom poms. Take care. xoxo - Audrey

 Sam seemed better after the letter. He even made her a ring with her initial on it.

 We celebrated  Hannah's Birthday and I gave him  the biggest piece of cake.

 Sailor Sam wanted me to take a picture of him
 planking  on a tomato because Audrey would smile at it,
and So I did.

 Max let Sailor Sam have his Pooky Bear to keep him company.  
"That is so nice Max, Thank you!" Sam said.

I told Sailor Sam that we had to stay busy,
 So we bought some Sea Monkeys.
He thought they were really cool.
 He helped me make jewelry.

We stayed busy for hour with our new colored bubbles.

 I found Sailor Sam neck deep in my rhinestones
Silly Sam.!

 We worked on a new purse together.

And he wrote Audrey another letter,
and is waiting patiently  to hear back from her.

Once again I found him planking,  this time on my new shoes.
I know it was to make me laugh and to take his mind off missing Audrey so much.

But at the end of the day I knew he was still thinking about her
 and their wonderful day that they spent together.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Sailor Sam says "Hi" to Sloane and her friends.
Lots of <3,


  1. Dear Sailor Sam, you are so busy! Hope you have a super Sunday!

  2. Hahaha! Sam is such an accomplished planker! Great photos Anne! xox


    1. i just Love it when he planks, I will tell him you said that. I hope you are doing well Wynn!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Rach ;) he is having too much fun!!


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