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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Meet Adam Bryant, My New Intern.

After carefully consideration and many sleepless nights,
 I have decided to hire an intern.
Everyone, I would like you to meet Adam Bryant.
Not only does he have an amazing sense of  style and energy,
 he is just what I need for support and a fresh look into more fun and easy
 DIYs, for clothes, jewelry, and finally home.
You will be seeing Adam once a week, bring great style and fun projects of his own,
plus he will be behind  the scenes expanding WobiSobi, and a new accessory line called, 
LaSobi, which is just in the beginning, DREAM, Stage.
 I cannot tell you how excited I am to have him.

I know you all will love him as much as I do.
His first post will be tomorrow, make sure you come back
and see what he has for all of us.
Welcome aboard Adam.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Hi Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and OMG Anne! I am so excited about this accessory line -- keep me posted and I'll tell everyoen and anyone about it! <3 love you so!

  3. anne.


    can't wait to see your daydream come reality.

    it's fun to watch all of our blogs & dreams grow...

    1. I just love you!! thank you so much, Nicolette

  4. Oh this is very exciting news Anne!! And what is LaSobi??!? Dont keep us hanging!! ;)

    Sadie xx

  5. Go girl! From following your blog (and pinterest) its obvious to me that you should have a jewelry line! Keep us updated please!


  6. whaaaat?!?hi there adam! yay anne!!! i am too excited to see all the thing you do. love you, friend.

    1. Oh WOw you are so very sweet to me!! I love you too dear Friend

  7. You know what this means - Sailor Sam will be wanting an assistant now too! :) Welcome Adam!

    1. LOL no doubt, he has been asking me about it already!!:)

      LOVE YOU GUYS!!!


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