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Friday, April 20, 2012

Love, Adam.

As promised, here is the first post of many, coming from Mr. Bryant.
 I did a little Q and A so you guys could get to know him better. I am so lucky to have him. 
I can not tell you how relieved I was when he said "Yes!" 
This gorgeous young man is going places.  
Hopefully he will let me go too!

AH "Thank you so much  for letting me quiz you Adam!"
AB " WOW!! You're so welcome! Thank you so much for wanting me to come be apart of this."
AH "You know I just think the world of you, that is why I asked you to join me.
You, to me, are all that and a bag of chips."
AB~ Laughing hysterically,  so we can't talk~.( we laugh a lot)
AH " I just Love your Laugh, it make me laugh more."
AB "Thank you, oh crazy one."
AH  "OK, let's  get to brass tacks. You ready?"
AB " I guess?"
AH  "How tall are you?"
AB  " I don't actually know, 5'8" maybe."
AH  "Don't you think all interviews start with asking how tall they are?"
AB  " I don't think so." Laughing.
AH  "No your right. Now for some more serious questions."
AH  "What do you like best about fashion?"
AB " I think it is the clearest way to express yourself."
AH  "And you do that quite nicely."
AB  " WOW, Thank you."
AH " If you could do anything in the fashion world
 what would it be?"
AB  " I would like to make my mark in the fashion and design industry."

AH  "How would you describe your Style?"
AB " I am not really sure.  What is it you called it the other day, nerdy- chic, or was that chic-ie nerd.
( Laughing again)
AH "  I think nerdy-chic.  I love that  you are kind of eclectic when it comes to your  clothes, you definitely have a unique style about you,  you inspire me"
AB " You are so sweet, thank you"
AH  "How about your favorite era or genre?"
 AB  " I would have to say late 50's early 60's. "
 AH.  "Why?"
 AB "Because it is so extreme, it goes from super straight sleek suits and bow ties to tie dye, bohemian and super flared jeans. I think because my style is so wide spread, I can totally relate."
AH  "What about a favorite color?"
AB  "Most definitely green.  You know I looked up what it means to like certain colors and it says that if you like green you are smelly."~ Laughing~
AH  "Green is my favorite color too, do you think I am smelly?"
AB  "Oh my god no!!  Do you think I am smelly."
AH  " Yes, but not a bad smelly, a good smelly.  If anything you always smell way to good, what cologne  do you wear anyway?"
AB "Dolce and Gabbana, Light Blue, right now for summer."
AH " Speaking of smelly, so are you an animal person?"
AB " HAHA.  Yes I love animals."
AH " Do you have any animals?"
 AB  " Why, yes I do.  I have a beautiful Siberian husky named Kai."
 AH " I have seen  pictures, she is beautiful!"
AB "Thank you, Aww  I just love her."

AH  " Let me jump back into Fashion."
AB  "OK, Let's do that."
AH "You make a lot of your  Bracelets don't you?"
AB "I make a few, but I want to make more."
AH  "Would you ever want to design clothes.?"
AB "Yesssssssssss."
AH " What Style of clothes would you design?"
AB " I want to design clothes that feel pulled together. Pieces that you could pull from any part of my collection that would go beautifully together. Something  comfortable and wearable, yet they still make you feel that you just waked off of the Runway."
AH  What would you call you line?"
AB  " Ummmm that's is a hard question.  Maybe  Kai , which means Earth."
AH " Are you excited, about this new adventure with me?"
AB " I am so excited. This only just the beginning."

AH  " I am so ecstatic to have you  team up with me. I know this year is going to be amazing."
Thank you so much for letting me pick your brain."
AB " Your so welcome Anne."

Lots more to come from Adam.
Don't you just Love him!!!!
You can find Adam on 
and  on Instagram just  search adambryant.
Email: gadambryant@gmail.com
I hope you all have a wonderful Friday.
Lots of <3,


  1. very cool interview! thanks for doing that :)

  2. Anne I love Wobisobi and I know any one you add will be awesome. I can't wait too see what will come. Nice interview, it made me laugh

    1. Thank you so much Kasey. I just love you too. Thank you for all of your wonderful, encouraging words!!


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