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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Aldo Martins

Have you heard of Aldo Martins?  Without question Aldo Martins Spring/ Summer collection has to be one of the sexiest collections I have seen in a long time.   With it's mix of African influences, graphic patterns and bright colors, I am instantly pulled in. Every piece seems exciting, wearable and  different. This collection  was created by Nuria Basbalin, and located in  Igualada, a small town near Barcelona and is available in 1500 stores, in 32 different countries, exporting 80% of their sales. I really love how sexy, bright and invigorating this line feels, color blocking in a whole new way, with a bohemian twist. If I had to describe these clothes  in one word, spectacular.  "All Day Chic" is what they call it, I call it "All Time Chic." Well done Aldo Martins.

Available in

Andrews - andrewsco.com - Toronto – Canada
Beymen - beymen.com - El Cairo – Egipt
Ludwig Beck - ludwigbeck.de - Munich – Germany
Jelmoli - jelmoli.ch - Zurich – Switzerland
Deleye - deleye.be - Brugge – Belgium
Modegalerie - modegalerie.nl - Sluis – Netherlands
Roetgerink - roetgerink.nl - Enter – Netherlands
Jane Young - jane-young.co.uk - Notthinghamshire – UK
Spatz - boutique-spatz.com - Ettingen – Germany
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