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Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday with Sailor Sam: Sam goes to Walt Disney World.

 "Sam Guess What?"
Look Sailor Sam, the Park is open until midnight.

The Monorail ride is the best.

 Because Sam is such a special lego person, he had a special way in.

 Look Everyone, I am on Main Street USA.

Cinderella's Castle is so beautiful!
"Does the Cinderella really sleep there?" Sailor Sam asked.
"Yes, she really does."  I told him.

 Sailor Sam do you want to Ride The Haunted Mansion?
"Yes, Please." he replied

We are so lucky Sailor Sam, it is only a ten minute wait.

 "OOO, I am a little Scared, will you hold my hand." Sailor Sam asked
"Of course I will, because I am scared too. " I told him.

To clam us down after that scary ride, we went to see Dumbo

 And Chip and Dale.
"I feel less scared now." Sailor Sam said.

Isn't is exciting Sailor Sam, they are making a whole new Fantasyland.
" Can we come back when it is finished?" Sam asked.
"YES!" I said.

" I think this is sleepy, Sailor Sam"
"Are you Sure?" Sam asked

" Now, let's ride a fast ride Sailor Sam, are you ready?"
"Yeah!!" Sailor Sam said


Yay Sailor Sam you are  just big enough.
"I am getting a little scared now." Sailor Sam said
"It's OK Sam, I am right here and I promise, it will be fun!!" I told him.
And it was.
After riding Space Mountain we decided to ride the the monorail over to Epcot.
Sam loves the Monorail.

"WOW,  Spaceship Earth is beautiful."
 Sailor Sam Said.

We took Sailor Sam to Italy.
" ciao."

And to Paris. Sailor Sam Loves  Paris.
" Oui,Il est très beau." Sailor Sam said. 
Which means it is very beautiful.
"That was the best day ever.!"  Sailor Sam Said,
 as he drifted  into a wonderful sleep.
" I know Sam, it was for me too." I whispered.
" Sweet dreams Sailor Sam. 
I love you."

We had  such a wonderful day.
So glad we could share it with you.
Lots of <3,

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  1. oooohhh I was there last week with my policeman chap and my son's spaceman Jim.


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