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Thursday, April 5, 2012

DIY Earrings

A wonderful friend. Cough, "Christina." handed me a box while I was at work one day and said
 "Here I bought these for you." 
 When I opened the box these beautiful teal and blue beads were starring at me. 
She told me that  she had only paid 25cents for all of them.
 "Make something with them." She said.  
and I happily replied,
 "Well, I would be happy to."

Because I have received some emails wanting me to explain  how I made these,
 I thought I would  do this quick tutorial

Things you need

  1. 2 Bracelet beads
  2. 12 Crystal beads
  3. 24 small jump rings
  4. 2 medium jump rings
  5. Chain (I used scrap chain left over from other projects)
  6. Pliers
  7. Eye pins 
  8. 2 Earring findings... small sketch at the top :)

These beads were once a bracelet, so they have 4 holes in each one.
 put the eye pin through two of the holes
 using your pliers cut off the excess wire.
 bend into a circle
repeat that step  for the other two holes

 Cut 6 lengths of chain 

 Add the crystal beads to the small jump rings
 then attach the jump rings to the end of each chain.

using pliers, attach each chain to another small jump ring 
and then to the eye pin.

cut two more lengths of chain, 
attach them to the the top eye pin with a small jump ring,
then attach that to the medium jump ring and then to the earring finding.

  and your done.
I created two more pieces with these wonderful 25 cent beads,
a necklace and a bracelet
So much for so little.
Happy Thursday everyone.
Lots of <3


  1. Anne, you are a gift to the world!!! I feel so humbled to be a teeny tiny, teensy weensy, itty bitty contribution! Love Ya! LOVE THE EARRINGS btw!

  2. amazing! you did such a great job!


  3. Great~ I love it, by the way, i am selling DIY earring Accessories
    maybe we can help u, try to search Dux Ornaments, that 's our company


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