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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday With Sailor Sam; Sam Meets Audrey.

Happy Easter Everyone..
This is a very special Sailor Sam because he meets a very special Lego.
 I am dedicating this weeks Sailor Sam to Sloane and her friends 
who allowed this meeting to take place.
 Sloane, thank you  for caring so much for Sailor Sam, He Loves you too.
 The other Day Sam and I took a trip to the Barn, to meet one of my wonderful friends from College.
Little to my surprise she brought a friend with her.  Someone that wanted to meet Sailor Sam.
" Sailor Sam, I would Like you to meet Audrey, Audrey, this is Sailor Sam."
 "Verrrrrry nice to meet  you " Sailor Sam stuttered.

 To break the awkwardness, we ordered lunch.
 Of course, Sailor Sam wanted his dessert first.
" Come on Audrey,  I will show you how to have a great day.
 Number one,  you start by eating your Dessert First." 
  Audrey smiled and said, " I like the way you think Sailor Sam"
 After that, Audrey Showed Sailor Sam some of her Cheers.
Max and Pooky thought it was fantastic.
And Sailor Sam...Well Sailor Sam, was Star Struck.
 He even let Audrey do a cheer on his head.
 Max Told Audrey that he hasn't seen his friend this happy is a long time.
 They Spent the whole day together.
 Walking through the garden looking at amazing things,
 like this giant Gnome.

 They sat on a park bench and talked for hours about everything.
 Her life as a cheerleader, his life as a sailor.
 It seemed like they had known each other forever.
 Sam found out  that Audrey's Favorite color is Green,
her favorite movie is Blade Runner, 
and her favorite food is Italian.
"Wait a minute, your favorite movie Blade Runner?" Sailor Sam asked.
 "That is my Favorite movie too." 
Sam Smiled and thought to himself
~ WOW!!! What a Lego~.
 Audrey thought Sailor Sam was pretty awesome too. 
She loved all of the stories about his many travels around the world.
 Audrey also found out that Sailor Sam's since of humor was exactly the same as hers,
 which is very important because Audrey loves to laugh and smile.
" Look at that Sam!"
 "Mushrooms just our size."
"Look Audrey" Sam Said " I am a mini Gnome"
Audrey just Laughed
"This has been the best day !" Audrey told Sailor Sam.
Sam Sighed and said "It sure has, I don't want it to end"

 At the end of the day It was time for Audrey to leave and go back to Georgia. 
Sam looked at Audrey and said. " I am so very Happy to have met you Audrey.
 I will write to you everyday. Please come back to see me soon."
 "Thank you Sam for showing me the Best Day Ever!!! I will miss you."
 Audrey said softly trying to hold back the tears. 
 and with that Audrey was gone.
 " I will miss you too Audrey"
 Sailor Sam said to himself, in what seemed like a big empty space.

 That night Sailor Sam wanted to look at pictures of their day they spent together.
"I  really liked Audrey." Sam told me.
"I know Sailor Sam,  I could tell.   We will ask her to come back soon, OK?" I said.
" Not soon enough." Sailor Sam replied.

 Poor Sailor Sam I think he is in Love.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.
Lots of <3


  1. My 8 year and 4 year old rushed home from their father's this evening to read Sailor Sam. They loved his new friend! :)

    1. That is so awesome. I am so glad that they enjoy reading him, that makes me smile big:)

  2. awwwww, i love how he is looking at their pictures at the end. so cute this sailor sam situation, friend.


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