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Saturday, September 10, 2011

What to wear with.....

 Shirt ~Target, Cropped jacket ~I Re-styled HERE, Skirt~ Marshall's, Shoes ~Target

 I have had my temporary lock-down(on crafting) revoked for just a moment, and lets just say I was extremely excited about it. I quickly put together this bracelet that I have been thinking about.  Now, pairing this bracelet with an outfit was the next step, so I could take a proper picture of it. This is the outfit  I came up with, although, I am  almost positive I would wear this piece with anything.
  Now, I must run... We are off to take our most wonderful house guest, to some most  wonderful shopping spots.
Have a Beautiful  Saturday!!


  1. I'm a really big fan of high waist skirts, you look really good Anne.

  2. LOVE the outfit, and the bracelet is gorgeous!

  3. Looks great...and that last pic of you is super cute!

  4. Bracelet is so cute! And as always - you have such great legs! :)

  5. That looks like something I would buy from a store! It's gorgeous!! Btw you look like one hot mamma in these pix! xox



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