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Friday, September 16, 2011

Green and Black's

Vest~ Target, Army Jacket~ Target,Sequined shirt ~Target, Skirt~ Target
Clutch ~Calvin Klein, Shoes ~Jessica Simpson
Necklace~ my creation, HERE
Pin~my creation HERE
Bracelet~mine HERE

No not the chocolate but the outfit,
even though I wish I had a piece of Green and Black's chocolate right this minute.
Yummy, doesn't that look amazing.
and its Organic,that means you can eat more..

Happy Friday to you all. 
I haven't done a clothes post in so long  that I I was feeling kind of guilty. 
So here is my Friday night  lights outfit.  I even threw in a extra ( Man Repeller) layer, just for funsies.  
I hope your Friday was wonderful.


  1. I just love that jacket, it looks so sharp! Great color too. I'm not one for bright colors, so that combo of muted green with the black, and the touch of brightness in the shoes, is perfect. (I even have shoes like that! except that they got messed up the other day when they repaved our road and I had to cross the wet tar... yech.)


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