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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I have seen so many wonderful things from the blogs I have visited over the last week,
that I have to share with all of you..
There is such Creativity out there that  it leaves me staring at my computer 
with  my mouth gaping  :O  open. 
 Here are just  a few of the things I am  admiring  this week. 

Turn glass into a chalkboard. 
Cyndy will show you how
from her incredible blog

Make a  beautiful Wreath for your door
with this tutorial from 
and her oh so beautiful Blog 

 Cover your windows in style, with this
Roman Shade Tutorial from Meredith
and her amazing Blog 

 Re-vamp your tennies with
this awesome DIY-  Prada inspired sneaker project from
Geneva, at The incredible blog
and make this stunning Apron out of an old dress
with Janet's tutorial
on her beautiful blog 
I love finding amazing things.
Have a wonderful Tuesday!!
Lots of <3


  1. Thank you so much, Anne! And I love these other ideas - I am feeling thoroughly inspired!!

    But there should definitely be at least one of your lovely ideas up there!!!


  2. Dear Anne,
    How very dear of you to share my little French apron on your blog. Getting a thumbs up from someone so skilled at altered couture as you are, is praise indeed.

    Love all these ideas..I mean how cute are those tennis shoes???

    Thanks again and have a nice day

    Janet xox

  3. Hi again loely,

    I was thinking about you earlier today, actually, and have been meaning to thank you....you were one of the first fashion blogs I ever found, and really got me thinking about doing more fashion on Modern Country Style...so THANK YOU!!


  4. Excellent! Impressive!
    Thanks for sharing, Anne! "+1" in return! ;)

  5. I pinned those shades earlier this week!!! They are incredible aren't they?

  6. That tennis shoe remake is BRILLIANT!

  7. Hahaha, oh this makes me smile!! I used to be the assistant buyer in men's at Neiman Marcus and I remember buying those Prada espadrille shoes. I hated them!! But yours like :) Great job!!


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