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Monday, September 26, 2011

Project Re-Style #37 Sweater Scarf turned into Poncho

It is that time again, Re-Style Monday.  
This week I have a pretty Special Re-Style to share with all of you.   I received this Beautiful sweater piece from Judy.   She has a  wonderful blog called Just Another Day on Earth. She was so sweet and offered me this Beautiful Sweater Scarf( that she made) and wanted me to Re-Style it.. and because I so  love a challenge,  I happily said yes.  I LOVE the way it turned out. I think this is going to be a wonderful addition to my Fall/Winter wardrobe.. 
Judy,  I cannot thank you enough for trusting me with one of your pieces.   
So here is the Re-Style,
I hope you like it..

This is where I got my inspiration from.
Charlotte Russe, Window

Things You Need
1. A scarf or piece of sweater ( this one measured 122 x 22)
it doesn't have to be that long,  But It needs to be  longer than wider.
2.Sewing machine
3. Scissors
4. Large safety pins

1. Fold you scarf in half.(Right sides together)
2.Measure how wide you want the neck.( mine measured 17 inches (but that can very on what you want.)
3.Sew the two pieces together starting at the 17 inch mark and sew  20 inches,  then skip 3 inches,( for your hand) then sew another 6 inches. leaving the last couple of inches open.
I went back over the stitching twice, just to reinforce my stitches
4. NOW  Try your piece  on  and if it all seems to fit fine, turn right side out.
5. Put your piece back on Then mark with chalk where you  want the side seam to be.  Make it a little on the lose side because you want it as an outer piece. I pinned mine with safety pins then tried on, to get the right fit, before sewing.. ( this took me about 3 tries.)
Once you have  it exactly how you want it sew the side seam  where you made your marks.
and that is it..
My Beautiful niece A is down visiting and she was so awesome to let me take pictures of her.
Thanks A,
I love you!!

 I even talked H into posing.
Love you too H!!
Thank you so much  Judy!!

37 down 15 to go.
Click the picture for all the details
about Project Re-Style

Everyone enjoy your wonderful Monday.
And Thank you all for joining me 
for my Project Re-Style Day!
Lost of <3


  1. I'm soooo doing this restyle!!! Very simple to do, but has a huge impact.

  2. Awesome project! Don't forget to come link up at Etcetorize~

  3. Fantastic, I would love one of these, it looks super comfy, wearable and STYLISH :)

    Sadie x

  4. Aw you did a fantastic job!!! That scarf is amazing! Such a great material to work with!

  5. Wow!! It's *perfect* with that black dress!


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