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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chain Reaction

I know all of you have seen these multi chain necklaces popping up everywhere in the last year or so..  I love the randomness of the different  chain and varied lengths.  This necklace was made out of  left over chain from different projects,( no waste ).. I always have random lengths of chain left over, just sitting around waiting to be used.  If you remember my Steampunk post,  the pin I created there was also from left over chain as well,  Click HERE to SEE...  This is a super easy DIY, as in,
you can create your own special necklace however you want it.

Here are just a few I found on line
this one above is $575.00 HERE

This one $148.00

Let's make are own Shall we..

Things you need
1. Chain,(different kinds) W/  Rhinestone chain.
2.  3 Medium jump rings and 8 small jump rings (depending on how much rhinestone chain you use..)
3. 2 Large jump rings
one lobster claw clasp
4. Pliers
5. ( optional) Charm of your choice, with a jump ring.


If you use the rhinestone chain you have to attach the connectors to each end.. Very easy to do, just use pliers to bend the prongs down. Pictured above.

I randomly placed my chain on my jump rings.., then I randomly placed the rhinestone chain, in various places as well.

I folded a length of chain in half to make the part that goes around the back of your neck, adding the clasp to one side.

Add your charm to one side, if desired.
And that is pretty much it..
A new necklace for you.. super easy and made  out of scrap chain you had left over..
I have some exciting news..
Because I have had a lot of inquires about selling a few of the items I make.  I am in the process of setting up a Paypal account.   This is super scary and super exciting. But I have learned that scary is good... and sometimes you just have to take that jump.. I will keep all of you up dated.
Have a wonderful Monday..
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  1. I love this! Going to feature it on my blog today. Your ideas are always so great!

  2. I absolutely LOVE multi chain necklaces. I kept saying I would DIY one and never did. You've given me the inspiration to try one.

  3. Another great idea!! Thanks for a warm welcome! Kisses :)

  4. Awesome! I need to do this with my leftovers.


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