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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Memories Software Giveaway

  Lately, I have been asked to review some products and then endorse them on my blog.  Some of them I have to say no to, because if  the product is not something I would use or think is fantastic I will not endorse it, EVEN if they offer it to me for free. When My Memories contacted me to try their software and then give away a free copy of My Memories Suite on my site, I did like I do with all the others, I researched it, read reviews, and looked it over  with a fine tooth comb.    I must say that this is some of the coolest digital scrapbook software I have ever tried. The amazing thing about the My Memories Suite is that you download the software and use it to create scrapbook layouts, photo books, cards, videos, calendars, scrapbooks with music,  you name it!   There are tons of options. And it's a great alternative to needing Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. The scrapbook software was easy to install and use. It comes with pre-made templates, paper, embellishments, text options, all at the click of a button. And if you want more, there are links to more kits on their site, accessed directly from the software itself! When I wanted to buy a set of really fun paper designs, I just clicked the link, purchased a VERY reasonably priced kit, and it installed right into the software! An extra bonus with My Memories, is that you can also download any digital files and use them with Photoshop, or the like. It's all so flexible, and super easy to use. I really liked that I could create layouts in My Memories Suite, save it, and then finish it up with some of my own elements from my personal Photoshop stash.

I am not the most computer savvy person.  Although I can figure most things out, what  I really  like is that this software is quick and easy.  My time to me is very valuable, I don't have a lot of time to spend figuring things out. I am sure all of you feel that very same way. There are also some great Videos about My Memories on You Tube that can help you with any problem. I've seen lots of digital scrap-booking software, but this really is a simple and all-inclusive way to go. Especially if you are new to the digital world, or are feeling lost. This brings it all to you in one cohesive product:
Want to know a little more about the software click on the video below.

 For a special treat My Memories wants to give WobiSobi readers a $10 discount on their software! Go to  My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbook and copy and paste the code below.
(Please copy paste to avoid typos)


 This is  Keira's Bachlorette Night.
Keira has been one of my closest, and dearest friends since we worked together at Express many moons ago.

She is also launching her very own vintage store, A Pretty Penny, that will also  be linked to her
on line blog.
Super excited about that!!!

I just Love her.
I have had these pictures locked away in my computer forever.
I am happy to say that they are now on their way to becoming a book for Keira,
because of the  My Memories Suite Software.

Now for the GIVEAWAY!
A FREE copy of this amazing software can be yours.  
Please comment in order to enter:

• First entry: Go to the My Memories website and choose a favorite digital paper pack or layout. Then come BACK HERE to this post, and leave a comment below.
• Second entry: "Like" My Memories on Facebook, HEREThen come back to this post, and leave a comment.

• Third entry: Follow My Memories on Twitter, HERE. Then come back to this post, and leave a comment.

• Forth entry: Become a Follower right here on  WobiSobi. Leave a comment letting me know.
• Fifth entry (wowza!): Join My Memories blog via Friends Connect, HERE. Then come back to this post, and leave a comment.

I will announce the winner on  Friday..

*ALL COMMENTS must have an email address included in order to be counted. Thank you, and good luck, dear friends.



  1. really like the 'beauty blossom clusters'!
    and thx for this invite!

  2. the crazy gfc widget won't show - i think i am already gfc following, but had wanted to check...

  3. i did join My Memories blog via Friends Connect ~

  4. and now your gfc has appeared and i did follow =)

  5. email address is included in my name link to blog
    if you need it separately blstef1 at mts dot net
    which you used to invite me to this giveaway TY!

  6. Thanks for following my blog in facebook. I´m following you now in FB too. I like your memories also. Thanks!! www.stylepicture.blogspot.com

  7. My favorite was the Dotty Girl layout

  8. love the facebook site, I chose the like option

  9. i am now following you on Twitter.

  10. I have finished all the steps, I am so excited and I hope I win.

  11. STOP IT MY MAMA WOULD LOVE THIS!!! And we got her a new computer for her b'day this year and this would be a perfect accompanying present!!!

    I'm not sure what you meant about layout or paper pack but I can tell you the style i really like is the heritage basic old template paper 2 :D

    LOVE YOU. I kind of follow you everywhere I don't know if this will count for extras.

  12. Hmmm, you make this sound so easy and the 'papers'are super cute! I think the Neopolitan Mint is pretty~

  13. Hi Anne! I just made a new post on my blog and mentioned yours and your super DIY skills. :)
    If I had time, I'd try every one of your projects, but I'm soooo busy it's nuts! Take care of yourself!



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