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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stripes and Flowers

Stripes and flowers ~ a do or a don't?  I have loved the combination of stripes and flowers since I can remember. Even in High School,  I would combine strange things, wear my sweaters backwards, MC Hammer pants, one glove,and crazy, leg warmers.  I was always willing to take a chance( not so daring anymore, AGE settles you I think).  BUT~ on that note, I still love taking some chances, stepping outside the box, and I still love the combination of mixing different patterns together. The only rule I have for myself, is to try and stay in the same color palette. That is just my rule.   If you so desire, you can pretty much mix it up however you like,  as long as your confident, you can pull it off.  That is what is so great about individual Style.. It is YOURS!  
You wear the clothes, don't  let the clothes wear you.
  OH, and remember Yesterdays DIY Halter ?
This is how I wore it.

 Shoes~ HERE
DIY Halter~ HERE
Ring~ HERE

Have a Fantastic Thursday..


  1. You are very pretty, Anne, the third pic is really cute.
    Love the funny ( and chic) combo, it's fits you fab.
    Hugs Yoana

  2. You look so cute dear!! I love the crazy combo! You're so right about age... (not that I ever was crazy... fashion-wise!). Kisses :)

  3. GEORGOUS Anne...

  4. I like this combo.....great outfit!

  5. "sweaters backwards, MC Hammer pants, one glove,and crazy, leg warmers"- I WANT TO SEE IT!!! SERIOUSLY!!! Even if you don't want to post just email it to me :)- yeah?! Ok, I'll be waiting :).

    Anne, I love that you take chances and I love that you love a tie...you look great, friend.

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