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Friday, June 17, 2011

DIY, Dyed Denim

Half Dyed denim~ LOVE it . So I decided  to experiment.
 Phase 1

I needed a pair of beachy shorts.
I did these in red at first. The funny things is, after my daughter saw these, she wanted to also dye her cut offs,  but she wanted purple.  I just so happen to have some blue dye,  so I mixed it in with the red and we made her a pair.
Now, hers are that ridiculously short version, but she assured me this was beach attire and for hanging out  around the house. But her's are really cute. 
Love the color.

Phase 2

I was truly excited when
H, decided she would pose for me.

 After I saw this color, I decided to re- do my jeans this color.
Phase 3

 I also decided to do a pair, half purple.
 Phase 4

Super easy 

Things You Need
1.Old jeans, or shorts you already have
2 Scissors
3.Rit Dye
4. Pot 
5. Rubber gloves
To make different colors
  • Magenta (fuchsia, rose, bright pink): Magenta can't be mixed from other colors. You will have to buy it.
  • Red: Add a small amount of yellow or orange to magenta.
  • Orange, Schoolbus Yellow: Mix yellow with magenta or red.
  • Yellow: Yellow can't be mixed from other colors. You will have to buy it.
  • Lime Green, Chartreuse: Add a small amount of green or turquoise blue (cyan) to yellow.
  • Green: Mix turquoise blue (cyan) and yellow.
  • Teal Green: Mix turquoise blue (cyan) with a small amount of yellow or green.
  • Cyan (turquoise blue): Cyan can't be mixed from other colors. You will have to buy it.
  • Blue: Add a small amount of purple or magenta to turquoise blue (cyan).
  • Violet-Blue: Mix magenta with cyan or blue.
  • Purple: Mix magenta with a small amount of cyan, blue, or violet.

1.Put hot water in a pot, Mix your color with the rit dye, add to the water. (I did Red and Blue= Purple)
2. Wet your jeans
3. Dunk your jeans up to the line you want(wearing gloves)
4. Let sit for about 2 minutes
5 .Raise up your jeans about an inch for another 4 minutes
6. Fold your jeans in half.  Raise  up your jeans again so there is only an inch left. ~At this phase  I let the them sit for about an hour.  I wanted them dark at the very bottom.
7.With your gloves on, rinse out all the dye, until your water runs clean.
8. Take a towel roll them in it, and squeeze all the water out , then hang out to dry or throw them in the dryer.
You are all done 
and you have new fun summer jean shorts..

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. OMIGOSH!!!! Ok, so many things to comment on...first and foremost you're a genius, I would never think to dye my jeans I loooove the look in purple.

    Secondly, hi your daughter has legs for days, lol.

  2. You are too cool.........so love this........awesome!

  3. EEEEEEK Gonna try this with my bib shorts lol

  4. All these shorts turned out so great! I've been wanting to try this DIY at home forever! Now I have to do it!


  5. I've been wanting to give this look a go for a while now...and you've spurred me on to give it a go. They all look gorgeous!! I love the graduated look. Gorgeous!


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. EEEK
    Thanks Anne, I used red,and let it sit a bit to make it dark :)
    *Thanks Anne :D


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