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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blog LOVE!

I have not had a lot of time to search through my favorite blogs like I normally  do, because  my paying job has been occupying most of my time. But, I am not going to let that faze me. I am still going to be focusing on my blog 100%,  because I love this (BLOG) more than I have loved anything in a long time.  
Some other exciting news that is happening  this summer ,  I am Teaching a Fashion / Style class,  to 7th ~12th graders, at our local art center.  So... I am thinking I will be posting a lot of the stuff we create from the class.    I think it will be fantastic, to see what young minds create. 
Today, however, I am going to post some of the favorite things that I saw this week, on some of my favorite blogs.  The TALENT just amazes me, and I want all of you to know, that I appreciate you so very much.  All of you are always so supportive and so very kind. ( I thank you, from the bottom of my heart  for that).  Blogging, is one of the most  up lifting and positive environments, which is something I think we all need in our lives.  
So sit back and enjoy some fantastic Ideas..

Jamillah From
Made to Travel

Jenn From the 

Jenn From 

Renee From the 

Mike from 

Tamara From
Made these cute, Drink Umbrellas.


Nicolette From

Meredith From 
Teaches us how to make this amazing

Denise from

Christina From
How cute is that, and an easy DIY

These are just a few of the amazing ideas.
Thank all of you for inspiring me daily.
Now. it is Pancake time!:)


  1. STOP IT ANNE!!!! I love you! I was so shocked to see me on your page in my reader!!!! I'm so flattered and everything here is kind of amazing! Lovely inspiration.

    Big hugs to you...I'm so happy your blog brings you so much joy because it brings ME so much joy too. It and we (loyal readers/big fans/friends) will be here, dear Anne.

    Exciting about teaching style to the kiddies!!! I bet you'll do great :)

  2. Thanks for the blog love Anne! What a beautiful surprise! What amazing diverse group of blogs......I can't wait to visit! Congrats on your new job this summer......they picked the best person to inspire & encourage young minds!

  3. ANNE!!!! Thank you so much for your kind words, this made smile and you made my day!

  4. Thanks for sharing these Anne, specially for the Clean 15, it's a good list to have and some of my favourites are on there, yay! The dress recycle is really cool too, love the legwarmers!

  5. Ohmygosh you are going to have a blast teaching the class!!!! So excited for you! :) I'm so honored to be mentioned here with these awesome bloggers! Thanks love!!!! Xoxo

  6. EEEEEEEEEEE Anne ,you didnt have to :)
    Luv ya
    Renee & Jacob :)

  7. I think it's fabulous that you're going to be teaching a class! Love it! I also love the link to the little girl's dress with matching leg-warmers. So stinking cute.

  8. :-)
    You are teaching classes? I need to take a class from you! When are you coming to Sweden?


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