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Friday, June 10, 2011

Just Jeans.

No matter what,  it seems like I always wear jeans on Friday. Maybe it is something that I do in my subconscious, that goes way back to casual Friday. Whatever it is, I try not to do the,  Just Jeans, thing.

 Necklace I made HERE
Feather bracelet  HERE

Have a Fantastic Friday.


  1. I love the first photo, you should laugh more.

  2. You look Beautiful as always Anne ...

  3. It's casual Friday at work today and I wore red jeans! Hurrah! It;s Friday! Have a great weekend! xox


  4. I don't use to wear jeans because I work the most of the time sit in a chair, and jeans are uncomfortable when you are 8 hrs with your bum in the chair. Also I've lost a lot of weight and my jeans are now old fashioned and too big. Maybe I can use the fabric for something different. And after seeing your pics, I have to make a trip to my Levi's store.... :)

  5. I wear jeans Friday too, but for me it is casual Friday at work.

    I finally opened my Etsy shop! Check out my recent post for discounts if you're interested!

  6. GORGEOUS!!!!Have a great weekend my bloggy friend. Hugs♥

  7. Oh Anne!!! Those shoes are hot tamales!!! Love that first pic of you...you're one pretty laugher :)

  8. Anne love your earrings, is there a tut for them ;)

  9. The feather bracelet is fantastic! It matches perfectly with jeans!


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