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Friday, June 24, 2011

Circles and Stripes

I was brave and took pictures outside today. I am always apprehensive about  outside photo shoots, because I feel like the people driving by are saying to themselves, "What is that person doing, moving around funny, with that camera.?" One of  The main reasons I took this session outside is because I love our old garage door.  This house was built in the 1920's and all the old charm is still here.  Plus, it is good to be outside on such a beautiful, Sunny Day. Don't cha think?
Friday is here everyone.  
Enjoy your Weekend!



  1. Cute outfit! I know what you mean about the outside shots. My neighbour actually came over and asked if I was taking photos to sell my house. Who takes photos of themself in front of a tree in an old grad dress to sell their house?!?!? So funny~

  2. EEK ooof I need to raid your closet :)
    I looooove you in this outfit :)

  3. Love these outdoor pics of you........fab outfit.......so well put together, as always!

  4. ahhhh so flipping cute! love that top + shoe combo girl! mwah!

  5. i absolutely love this look! you're beautiful!

  6. This is a really cool photo shoot, I love the light.
    And your outfit, as always is amazing.

  7. I LOVE the photos outside by the garage door. It makes them look kinda vintage. I actually like your garage door as well. Too bad I don't live closer or I might like to come by and take my kid's photos by that door!

  8. I looooove your garage door too and I am virtually hugging you for taking your photoshoot outside!!!! I have yet to do that, friend!!! You look great looove the outfit.


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