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Monday, June 20, 2011

Project Re-Style # 25 Denim Bracelets

Happy Monday Everyone! 
Once again,  here we are.
Project Re-Style Monday.  
This is week #25 of my project Re-Style Challenge.  What is this Project Re-Style Challenge you ask?   Well... it is  Re-Styling something old into something new, and I just LOVE it. I relish in the thought of turning something old into something new.  I will post all the details about Project Re-Style at the end of this post, as always.
This weeks Re-Style comes straight out of the June issue of  InStyle Magazine.  

Denim Bangle Bracelets.
How cute are these?, Great for summer.
A Great DIY.

Remember my dyed denim? This is all the leftovers from that.
So lets make some bracelets.:)


  Cut your leather or stiff material around the widest part of your hand,  leave just a little to overlap.
This leather was a belt, and a wonderful donation that E gave me, (Thanks E, coffee time soon! :)) and it was thin enough to cut with scissors. I cut it in varied widths.

 Take your strips of denim and hot glue the first  strip down.
 Wrap and Glue as you go keeping the denim tight.
 Until you get to the end.
 Once you get to the end slightly over lap the two pieces and hot glue.  Then continue with your denim strips.
Wrap where the two pieces overlap.  Then hot glue, and trim the extra off.

I used my finger and frayed the edges just a little.

I took a piece of scrap leather and lined the inside of the bracelet.
And Ta-dah!! 
Bracelets for pennies

One of them, I wrapped with a chain, then I connected the two pieces of chain with a jump ring, and let some of the extra chain hang down.
 For the Bigger Bangle, I made a denim tassel, wrapped it around and hot glued it.

Happy Re-Styling 

25 Down 27 to go
Click on the picture for details.

Oh My!!!   
Next week it will be the half way point.
Thanks for tuning in,
and have a wonderful day.


  1. How cute! Great little DIY project!

  2. Cute, I did skinny bangles like this with zebra material :)

  3. I love this! There is so much you could do with it. So many fabric, etc. Great idea!

  4. These are really cool and I will try to do some my self :). I will tell you how did they work out :).

  5. adorable and cute gift idea too. I can hardly believe it's almost26 weeks. *blink* You GO girl! I like the added touch of lining the inside edge of the bracelet, very very nice. I would not have thought of that. Good job!

  6. Oh there are so many possibilities with this!!! Extra fabric poof bracelet! And you know I love a bangle...where do you find your endless restyling, firend?! Love you!

  7. great idea!

    visit my blog too and follow if u like ;)

  8. that's cool Anne! I think, it's time for you to sell those pretty DIY creations! :-)

  9. Wow, look at how much money you just saved yourself! Very cool project~

  10. Cool! Next time if et my jeans hemmed I'll have to ask for the excess back. You know this shorty patorty needs everything hemmed! (Did I just speak of myself in third person?)

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  11. Good one...I'm going to try that with some mesh fabric and denim


  12. Lovely idea!! Very fashionable and ideal for summer! You're a restyle genius! :)

  13. These look awesome!! I like how you added the chain.

  14. Ah-ha! Here's one I think even I won't mess up! Haha!!! I have some jean fabric saved up from my
    DIY cutoff shorts and old bracelets that need a makeover. Thanks Anne for the awesome inspiration! xox


  15. I LOVE this project! Found you from "My Girlish Whims" and I'm following you, now. Love your re-style project, VERY inspiring!!! (check out my Bedside Caddy project from a few days ago on my site, it will be right up your alley!) And I love your art, lots of fun :)

  16. Love your re-fashions! You inspire me!!!


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