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Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Twelve Days Of Christmas; Day 6, Grinch Inspired Hair Combs.

 I love how these Grinch Hair Combs turned out, they were so easy, and they only took me about  3 minutes to create. @Luxiegames was nice enough to send me picture with her wearing them on her Stream. Thanks Luxie XXOO
The funny part is that these kind of created themselves. Whimsical, Fun and Easy. My kind of DIY Project.
 Day Six, This marks the halfway point of my Twelve days of Christmas.
 I think these could be beautiful in all colors

Things You Need
  •  Scissors
  • Tinsel Ribbon (Hobby Lobby)
  • Wire or Plastic Comb 
  • Hot Glue gun or Fabric Glue

  • Cut a piece of tinsel ribbon about 2 feet long 
  •  Lay the ribbon across the top of the comb
  • Start to wrap in between the teeth of the comb
  •  Wrap all the way across the comb,then wrap back .

  • Cut off excess
  • Hot Glue or  use Fabric Glue to Secure to the back
  • Repeat and make two

I just Want to say!!
Thank you for all,  so very much, for all of  your support of my Blog and my other Creative Sites.
I created this Blog 8 years ago with so much Love and passion for doing what I adore and feel  is my purpose in this life, which is Creating and Inspiring other to Create.
I am so very Grateful for each one of you. Your support for doing something that I love is PRICELESS!


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