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Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Twelve Days Of Christmas Crafting: Day 8, Wire and Crystal Angels.

Hi All, and welcome to day eight, of My Twelve days of Christmas Crafting. There are only four days left to go and as promised I have a Christmas fashion DIY coming soon which I am super excited about. My Weeks have been Flying by and with Christmas is  fast approaching. I hope I still have time to bake some yummy peanut butter, sugar, and chocolate chip cookies and watch some Christmas Movies. I really just want to soak in  every bit of this holiday season.
These little Crystal Angles would be perfect on a Christmas tree or hanging on a wreath, and the perfect little gift to give to  that someone who has everything or that you just don't know what to get.
 Wishing you and yours the Merriest and Happiest of Christmases!

Things You Need

  • Make a small loop
  • leave about 4  inches of wire.

  • Using a figure 8 movement make a bigger loop on the bottom
  • Repeat 2 times

  • Wrap the extra wire around the neck about 3 times

  • To make the halo take one of the wires and form a circle  and twist 
  • If you have any left over wire,  make a curly cue with it by wrapping it around the tip of the pliers

  • To make the wings  use the same technique. 
  • Make two even loops using a figure eight 
  • Repeat 3 times
  • Make use to leave extra wire on each end.

  • Wrap the extra wire around the middle three times to secure

  • Place the wings on the body and secure by wrapping the wires around to the back

  • On one of the wires add a crystal
  • Wrap the wire around the crystal

  • Take the other wire and wrap it around the crystal too.

  • To make the hanger, take the last wire and form a small circle and twist.

  • With the extra wire curl it

  • Add some Ribbon to hang

Video HERE

Love to you all this Holiday Season 

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